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Duct Replacement

Overview of Central HVAC Duct Work

There are two major reasons to replace ductwork.

  • The old ductwork might be in such poor condition that repairing it isn’t advised. Old ducts leak as much as 35% of the treated air, leading to waste and higher-than-necessary energy costs. Some also rust due to condensation forming in them over many years.
  • The old HVAC system was too large for the home. There was a time when contractors thought bigger was better, but that’s no longer true. A system that is too big wastes energy, creates temperature fluctuations that won’t adequately dehumidify a home in summer.

Even if the old system was the right size, upgrades such as house wrap, energy-efficient windows, and increased insulation in the attic reduce the need for heating and air conditioning capacity, so the next HVAC system will be smaller. That may create the demand for smaller ductwork too.