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New Trends in the HVAC Industry

Those who haven’t upgraded their HVAC unit in a while might be shocked when they see what has changed in this field recently. New technology has completely elevated almost every sector of the HVAC industry, providing consumers with new options when it comes to powering, heating, and cooling their homes. There are several trends in the HVAC industry that have fundamentally changed how consumers look at products and services.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Over the past few years, energy efficiency has come a long way. Numerous HVAC units are now Energy Star certified, a mark of just how efficient these units can be. When systems are more energy-efficient, this is better for both the consumer and the environment, cutting costs and using less power. Those units that have an Energy Star certification have either met or exceeded the efficiency standards that have been set across the nation. This is a great way for consumers to save the environment and money at the same time.

Advanced Cooling Features

There are a number of technological advances in the world of air conditioning that have changed the expectations of consumers across the board. Now, variable-speed air conditioners have the ability to change the flow of air throughout the home automatically. They can be used to keep everyone comfortable without having to waste energy doing so. Another major advance is the development of scroll compressors. These are devices that provide refrigerant with extra power, meaning they require less energy. Air conditioners can cool homes to a greater extent in a shorter amount of time.

The Advent of Smart Thermostats

There are many homes that still rely on a manual thermostat; however, smart thermostats now connect to the internet, changing the way countless homes operate. These thermostats connect to the central hub of the home, becoming an integral part of the heating and cooling system. Smart thermostats can be meticulously programmed to ensure that the home is kept comfortable without using an excessive amount of energy.

The Ability to Set Up Zoning Systems

Zoning is one of the biggest trends in HVAC right now. Homes that are on the larger side can be divided up into separate zones. These are critically important for homes that might have varying degrees of sun exposure throughout the building. Zoning can be used to heat and cool separate areas of the home to variable degrees, adding a new layer of control.

Geothermal Temperature Control

Geothermal temperature control allows homeowners to take “going green” to the maximum level. This system draws energy out of the ground, allowing homeowners to almost completely erase their carbon footprint. While these heat pumps are a major investment, they are also durable and require little maintenance. 

The world of HVAC is changing, and these new trends are only going to grow. This has led to rising consumer expectations and increased innovative abilities from HVAC companies everywhere. It will be exciting to see what happens next in this industry.