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How Not To Use Your Heating System This Winter

With chilly temperatures in the San Antonio during this time of year, it’s important to make sure you have dependable heat. Your heating system should be able to keep your home as warm as you want but using it certain ways could cause it to run less efficiently or even break down. Keep the following in mind, so you’ll know what not to do when you use your heating system this winter. 

Forget to Change Your Air Filter

Your heating system’s air filter catches harmful particles, such as dust and pollutants, which prevents them from floating around inside your home. As time goes by, your air filter gets covered in these particles. When this occurs, your heating system starts running with less efficiency, and your indoor air quality can become unhealthy. 

Replacing your air filter every few months or even every month if needed is an important part of making sure you have healthy air and efficient heating all winter long. It’s easy to forget to check your air filter to see if it’s dirty, so set reminders for yourself. 

Skip Routine Maintenance

Routine HVAC maintenance helps your heating system stay in top condition for the season. When you don’t have this maintenance done, your heating system can develop minor problems that could become bigger ones over time. Technicians inspect your heating system during HVAC maintenance for any signs of trouble and can make adjustments or repairs as needed. 

You should have routine maintenance done on your HVAC system once or twice a year, such as before and after the heating season. These maintenance visits help ensure that your heating system is able to operate efficiently and isn’t having any problems that need to be repaired. 

Crank Up Your Thermostat

If you’re eager to warm up your home quickly, you might be tempted to crank up your thermostat to accomplish this. However, turning your thermostat up higher won’t heat your home any faster. Your heating system will still take time to reach the temperature you want.

When you crank up your thermostat, you’re forcing your heating system to run longer, which can lead to more wear and tear. Having your heating system running for longer periods of time also increases the amount of energy your home uses. 

Shut Off Your Thermostat

Turning off your thermostat during winter, such as when you’re leaving for work, might seem like a way to save money and energy. Although your heating system won’t be running while it’s off, keep in mind that it will need to run longer in order to heat your home when it’s back on. 

You can save energy and money on your heating bills by lowering your thermostat setting instead of turning it off. Even lowering the setting by just a few degrees can end up saving you a considerable amount of energy and money over time.