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Four Emerging Ideas In Smart HVAC To Watch

Over the last hundred years, perhaps no technology has contributed more to human comfort than HVAC systems. Today, many of us have become accustomed to warm winters and cool summers. But what does the future of HVAC systems hold? What brilliant innovations will help us save money and time, or use more efficient technologies?

Smart Room Temperature Control

Heating or cooling an entire house can be notoriously difficult. The rooms facing the sunlight are always warmer than those away from the light. Basements may remain cool while the upstairs rooms are uncomfortably hot. Most current technologies just find the best temperature for the building.

However, several emerging technologies will allow specific temperature controls in each room of the house. Companies like Alea Air and Ecovent are developing sensors placed inside the vents in each room. The sensors can work with smart thermostats like Nest to bring greater air control to the user.

Apps to Control the Temperature in Each Room

With both Ecovent and Alea Air, in addition to the independent series of sensors a matching app will allow the user to control the flow of air to each room from a smart phone. That has the potential to save money by more efficiently heating or cooling each room. Future sensors and app combinations may also monitor and control air purity in addition to temperature.

Motion Sensors That Activate Air Conditioning and Heating

Homes and businesses throughout the world waste large amounts of energy heating and cooling unoccupied rooms. A group of MIT engineers is working on a system that uses motion sensors on the ceiling to determine whether a room contains living creatures. The heating and cooling system would target air flow to the locations containing people. The system could follow a person walking through the building, only heating and cooling the occupied areas. The technology is still in the design stages, but is another potential cost and energy saving idea.

Ice-Based Air Conditioning System

Nearly every hot summer day the energy grid is overtaxed from all the air conditioning units. What if there was a way to shift the energy needed to cool a building to nighttime? The Ice Bear cooling system freezes huge blocks of ice at night, and then uses that ice to cool a building for six hours each day. After that point, a traditional air cooling technology can be used. This new technology can eventually help to prevent blackouts from summer energy use. No matter what the future brings, it is best to trust the experts in HVAC systems to keep your home or office feeling great.