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Whether you have a gas or an electric heater, maintenance is an important part of keeping your heater in prime condition so it works efficiently. Proper heater maintenance will keep your heating costs under control and ensure that your house always gets to the degree of warmth you’re looking for. In addition, you can prevent costly heating repairs or replacements by keeping up with timely and regular maintenance on your heater.

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What type of scheduled maintenance does a heater require?

Just like you would ideally have your air conditioning system checked once a year, you should have an annual check-up for your heating system. It’s a smart idea to have it taken care of in the fall before winter comes around and you’ll need your heating system working. The check-up and maintenance will include actions such as cleaning the system, lubricating the system’s parts, tightening electrical connections and checking thermostat settings, the condensate drain and controls. Your heater might need parts replaced or problems fixed, which your technician will discuss with you.

In addition, you should provide some maintenance on your own. Change the filter every month to keep your system functioning properly, and clean and check it on a regular basis.

How long will a heater last?

In general, heaters tend to last about 15 to 20 years. Electric heaters have a tendency to give out sooner, around 15 years, while gas ones often last longer, approximately 18 years. Of course, this is not an exact number, as factors such as how often you use the heater and how well you maintain it can quicken or extend the life of your heater. Keep up with maintenance to help your heater last as long as it can.

Which parts might need to be replaced?

When your heater begins to have problems or if the technician notices a warning sign of a problem during a checkup, you might need a part replaced, although it might be possible to repair the part instead. In the case of replacements, it’s often the flame sensor, igniter or high-limit switch that need to be replaced. Other parts that sometimes need replacing are the inducer fan motor and the gas valve.

While the price can vary depending on numerous factors, you could expect to spend about $250 to $375 for a flame sensor to be installed. A gas valve replacement often costs in the range of $425 to $675. Generally, to replace an inducer fan motor, you’ll spend about $450 to $475. If your system is starting to get old, you might find it more cost effective to replace your heater rather than keeping up with increasing repairs.

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