What Are Some Common HVAC Emergencies?

Some homeowners will be ill-prepared to pay for emergency HVAC repair. Such an emergency can come when least expected and 25 percent of Americans have not allotted the savings needed to cover the costs of such a repair. With colder temperatures sweeping many parts of the United States, no one needs an issue with their HVAC system.  So, it’s good to know what some signs are and what to look for when having problems with your heating, ventilation and air conditioning unit. What Are Some HVAC Emergencies? HVAC home emergencies are at the top … [Read more...]

How to Finance HVAC Replacements and Repairs

Replacing or repairing air conditioning and heating systems can be expensive, even for moderate-income households. The expense often comes as an unexpected one when HVAC systems abruptly experience an issue that requires immediate attention. If you find yourself in urgent need of repairing, upgrading or replacing an HVAC system, but you do not have the savings or are able to pay out-of-pocket, keep in mind there are a number of financing options available for people in various situations Are Credit Cards a Viable Answer? Most people … [Read more...]

How Important is the Thermostat in Your Home?

Many people don’t realize the importance that a thermostat plays for a comfortable temperature in their home.  When the AC or heater don’t seem to be working right, it is often the last thing people think to check.  Like anything else, your thermostat can wear out over time, making your HVAC system unable to properly heat and cool your home. One of the first signs that your thermostat might be failing is not feeling like it is heating or cooling to the temperature you’ve set it at.  For example, if you set it to 70 degrees on a warm summer … [Read more...]

When was the Last Time You had Your Air Ducts Cleaned?

Over time, the air ducts in your home can get full of dust, mold, dander, and other contaminants. If you or someone in your family has allergies or a respiratory condition, this can cause serious health issues. By regularly cleaning air ducts, as well as coils and fans, your HVAC system will work more efficiently and use less energy — and help you save money with lower utility bills. You can also avoid expensive repair bills and help your system last longer. In some cases, you may need to have your air ducts cleaned more frequently. Here … [Read more...]

What is the Best HVAC System to Serve Your Needs?

Whether you are planning new construction, enclosing a small area of the home such as a patio, or preparing for a major remodel, an important step in your planning and design involves assessing your HVAC system. Considerations for New Construction As you imagine your dream home, think of the air conditioning system as the 'lungs' that circulate and refresh air throughout the dwelling. Although less glamorous than a quartz-countertop kitchen island or spacious master suite, a well-planned HVAC system is essential to curb moisture accumulation, … [Read more...]

Should You Landscape the Area Around Your AC Unit?

Screening your outdoor air conditioning condenser with plants is not only a great way to hide the unit from public view, but the right landscaping can actually make the AC work more efficiently -- if you do it right! Hide & Shade Tall landscaping plants do double-duty by hiding your outdoor air-conditioning unit from view, while also shading it from a sometimes-overbearing sun. With the hot summer sun beating down directly onto it, an outdoor condenser has to work harder to cool off, thus driving up your electric bill.  So even if you … [Read more...]

What Seasonal Thermostat Settings Can Save You the Most Money?

Keeping your home’s thermostat set to a cool 65 degrees once the outside temperature hits three digits may feel nice at the time, but you’ll likely overheat at the sight of that month’s electricity bill. By that same token, cranking up the heat to 80 when it gets chilly outside may quickly warm up your home, but is also likely to cause your energy bills to skyrocket. What are the most efficient thermostat settings for all four seasons? By making some adjustments to your thermostat, along with a couple of other modifications, you can improve … [Read more...]

Does Regular Air Conditioner Maintenance Really Save Money?

If just spending a little time, and maybe getting your hands a little dirty, were the key to saving money, would it be worth it to you?  You can make your air conditioner last longer and work better by taking a few regular steps of maintenance.  You may have to spend a little money on filters for your appliance, but your home should be more comfortable with these maintenance steps, and it will save you larger sums of money down the road. Easy things to maintain on an air conditioner include the filters, coils, and fins.  Evaluating and … [Read more...]

What Incentives Are Available For Energy-Efficient Texas Homeowners?

While Texas residents are no shrinking violets when it comes to handling high summer temperatures and humidity, even the most rugged homeowners are likely to eventually retreat into the climate-controlled indoors to beat the heat. But running an air conditioner for months at a time can be an expensive prospect; where can budget-conscious (and ecologically-conscious) Texas homeowners turn for assistance? Fortunately, the establishment of a law requiring utility providers to meet certain efficiency goals has led to a dramatic increase in the … [Read more...]

How Can Your AC Unit Can Help You Become More Environmentally Friendly?

Americans are increasingly aware of the effects that their actions have on the environment and are looking to make upgrades to their home that will boost its eco-friendliness. Since air conditioners account for almost half of all home energy use during the hot summer months, choosing the right AC unit can significant lessen your home's impact on the environment--and, as a pleasant side effect, can dramatically lower your monthly energy bill at the same time. Moreover, an eco-friendly AC unit will cool your home just as well as any other unit, … [Read more...]