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UV Lights for HVAC in San Antonio

Ultraviolet lights are an invaluable HVAC ally when it comes to providing clean air. Homes and industrial applications all benefit by implementing UV light as part of an effective HVAC system.

While this claim may sound like something straight out of science fiction, there is actually a simple explanation for how UV light is an excellent HVAC solution.

What UV Lights Are and What They Are Designed to Do

UV lights, simply put, are ultraviolet lights, and studies have repeatedly shown that this light can be used to enhance indoor air quality. For this reason, the EPA has recognized the importance of UV light for enhancing indoor air quality.

Specifically, UV light can be used to combat mold spores, germs and other bacteria that circulates in the home. Destroying viruses, fungi, spores, mold and bacteria of all kinds is a staple of UV light, and these beneficial features can be implemented in commercial settings as well as the home.

For commercial industries, hospitals, food processing centers and clean rooms  for electronics all benefit by killing these germs. As such, it is no surprise that UV light is used to completely blanket air passage systems to maximize the ability to kill air pollutants in order to maintain a clean and sterile environment. When used in conjunction with a HEPA filter, the results are outstanding.

Homeowners also benefit through a residential use of UV light. The objective here, however, is less demanding since the goal is to provide a constant and ongoing method of air cleaning that is also effective from a cost standpoint. Studies have shown that UV light provides excellent cumulative results against germs, so homes use UV to clean polluted air over time (in other words, the results are less rapid compared to commercial use). This gels nicely with the clean air needs of homeowners since germs grow constantly in an indoor environment, making the continuous cleaning provided by UV light an indispensable clean air ally for the home.

Retrofitting UV Lights

In the HVAC industry, retrofitting is a great way to modify beneficial HVAC parts that enhance system functions without requiring a complete HVAC overhaul or replacement. When an HVAC system is old, a modern upgrade can be an advantageous and desirable option.

This is particularly true for industries and homeowners that have used the same HVAC system for over 10 years. These systems typically operate at lower than desired efficiency when compared to modern equipment. Retrofitting with UV lights can provide significant performance benefits at the same time that it provides outstanding cost savings thanks to better energy performance.

In fact, adding UV light to an existing HVAC system can reduce energy consumption by up to 35 percent while enhancing air flow and overall comfort.

Here are a few other advantages that UV light provides can provide to your HVAC system, making an even stronger case for a retrofit upgrade.

Additional UV Light Advantages

One major advantage of UV light for your home’s HVAC is that a UV purifier can be installed directly into a cooling and heating unit, making retrofitting an easy process. This also prevents a family from any harmful effects of UV exposure while also killing the home’s germs and bacteria in areas where growth is most likely.

UV light will also keep the coils of a cooling and heating unit clean, which will extend the lifespan of the HVAC system. On top of this, odors in the home can be reduced by implementing a UV light solution as well.

Finally, using UV light in your HVAC system is that ongoing maintenance is simple and easy. Simply replace your UV light every year or two years (depending on the model selected), and you are back in business with a fully functional UV light solution for your HVAC.

As such, adding UV light to your HVAC system is a cost-effective way to enhance air quality while providing other essential upgrades to your HVAC.

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