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Signs That Your Air Conditioner Drain Line Needs Service or Replacement

When a condensate line gets blocked, condensation (water) flows into the emergency drip pan instead of outside from the drain line. If allowed to continue or worsen, the condensate lines will become damaged and eventually begin to leak water inside the attic or walls of your home causing property damage.

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you should call Service First Air Conditioning and Heating for a service call so we can help determine if you have a blocked condensate line and perform an annual HVAC service if needed.

Q. Are there rust stains on the exterior of your home from drain lines?

A. Rust stains outside your home or coming from a drain line are a clear sign that either your condensate lines are corroded or they are blocked. Sometimes it means both. A constantly dripping condensate line, or clogged line that only allows a slow drip to get through for a long period of time will cause the metal line to corrode.

Once the corrosion begins, it is difficult to stop the damage from progressing. Typically the corrosion is caused by mold, mildew, or other debris inside the lines that causes a blockage. The blockage can prevent water from draining away from the unit and activate the emergency shut-off mechanism, causing your AC unit to turn off before it has cooled down the house.

Fortunately you can have a professional replace clogged condensate lines with pvc pipes that are rust resistant. Condensate line replacement services can be completed in under an hour in most cases.

Q. Is your air conditioning system’s emergency condensate drain pain rusty?

A. If you can safely get a good look at your condensation drip pan and it looks rusty, orange, or corroded, chances are you either have a:

  1. Blocked line
  2. Condensate pipe leak
  3. Condensate Drip Pan Leak

You want to call a service professional to have them inspect the system and see if the lines need to be replaced. You may also require condensate drip pan replacement if it is corroded to prevent future water damage.

Q. Is there water leaking or overflowing from the condensate drip pan?

A. If there is water clearly leaking from the drip pan, or it is overflowing and entering your home, drywall, or ceiling, it’s time to schedule an emergency service call.

Q. Has your ac system gone without service for over a year?

A. If your ac system has not been serviced for over a year, any number of minor issues could snowball into a large, costly repair or need for replacement. If you haven’t had it serviced in over a year and you answered yes to any of the other questions on this page, you need to start calling around for quotes to schedule an estimate for repairs.

Q. Are there water stains on the ceiling above the condensate pump?

A. If there are water stains on the ceiling below where the condensate pump and drip pan are located in the attic, you definitely need to call an ac repair company.

Q. Is condensate water leaking from above causing the furnace to rust?

A. A common configuration is to install the interior condensate pump and pan above the furnace. If you see water leaking from above and your furnace is rusty, you may have a blocked line or leak and need to schedule service before your home gets more water damage AND you have to replace your furnace.

Q. Is your air conditioner turning off before it cools to the right temperature?

A. If so, your drip pan may be full and the overflow defense mechanism called the float switch is kicking the air conditioner off to prevent water damage in your home. Although a clogged condensate line will not affect your air conditioning unit’s ability to cool, this safety mechanism may (annoyingly) prevent the indoor air temperatures from getting as cool as you would like.

We Repair & Replace Condensate Lines, Drip Pans, & Pumps

How can we help you? Give us a call to request an estimate. We’ll survey the damage and let you know how much it will cost to fix or replace your condensate system.

Condensate Repair Services We Provide

Some of the most common ac condensate problems require the following replacement and repair services:

  • Unblock Lines
  • Replace Damaged Lines
  • Replace Leaky Lines
  • Replace Drip Pan
  • Replace Condensate Pump

Call today to schedule a quote for repairs to service your air conditioning unit’s condensate system in San Antonio or New Braunfels, Texas. Service First Air Conditioning and Heating are your trusted local ac professionals.

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