What Are Some Reasons To Have Your HVAC Serviced?
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What Are Some Reasons To Have Your HVAC Serviced?

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The polar vortex sent a cold snap deep into Texas, but people living in the area know that triple-digit heat will be back during the summer months. Those types of highs and lows can play havoc on even the best HVAC. If you haven’t had your system serviced recently, it’s imperative that you call an experienced technician ASAP. Here are five reasons why regularly scheduled maintenance and repair are a priority.

Extended Lifespan

Among the primary reasons that regularly scheduled service is important is the fact that it will likely extend the life of your system. An appropriately maintained and serviced system can last upwards of 30 years and keep functioning at a high level. A poorly serviced system could require replacement as soon as 10-20 years. The longevity of your HVAC system often depends on how well you take care of it.

Reduced Utility Bills

Think about your HVAC system like a car or truck. A fully maintained vehicle generally enjoys good gas mileage. A poorly serviced one becomes a gas guzzler. The same holds true for machinery such as HVAC systems. Failing to service and maintain the unit can force it to work harder to achieve the cooling and heating demands placed on it. That means higher utility bills. No one saves money by skipping HVAC service.

 Spend Less on Repairs

Under serviced HVAC systems are placed under an unusual strain to perform. They will eat up more energy and work harder. That puts pressure on the fundamental mechanical parts to handle heating and cooling tasks. In many ways, it’s like running a car with dirty oil. You are just asking for a breakdown. HVAC systems that are not adequately serviced experience increased repair calls and expensive parts replacements.

Improved Air Quality

Consider for a moment that your HVAC system is not only tasked with maintaining a comfortable temperature, it also circulates the very air you breathe. Service technicians not only examine and update the mechanical moving parts, they examine things such as dust accumulation and look for potential mold growths. When HVAC professionals do not have eyes on your system, you and your loved ones could be breathing in hazardous air-borne particles.

Peace of Mind

Anytime you have an essential quality of life item serviced, you breathe a sigh of relief. That’s because you don’t have to worry about unnecessary breakdowns or the negative impact it could have on you and your loved ones. Regularly scheduled HVAC service saves you money and gives you peace of mind. It’s really that simple.

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