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Getting Your Home Ready for Fall

No matter where you live, it’s never too early to put some thought into getting your house ready for fall. Your HVAC system works hard over the summer months. You want it to keep operating at its best no matter what the temperature is outside. Are you looking to improve the efficiency of your home’s temperature control and ventilation system? You can test how airtight your home is and make some easy changes.

Check Your Seals

After a long, hot summer, the seals around your doors and windows may have warped. Here’s a simple test for this problem:

  • Close up all the doors and windows in your house.
  • Turn off the AC, heater, and any fans.
  • Go into each room of your home with a lit candle.
  • Is the flame flickering? Air is blowing in from somewhere.

If you notice your home’s seals aren’t doing their job, get them replaced promptly.

Upgrade Your System with the Latest Technology

Live in a cooler spot? For some people, chilly nighttime temperatures might be just around the corner while days can still be hot. This is where technology can keep you and your family comfortable. A properly performing HVAC system connected to an app can handle both highs and lows.

Wherever you live, consider having your systems connected to an app on your phone. This lets you regulate temperatures remotely. For instance, you can shut off or lower the AC while you’re away at work and still come home to a nicely cooled house.

These apps can also be very useful when you’re traveling. For instance, what if you see a cold snap coming when you’re visiting relatives over Thanksgiving? The right app will let you raise the temperature in key rooms like the kitchen and bathroom to keep the pipes from freezing.

Have Your HVAC Serviced

An HVAC servicing often includes:

  • inspection of the system
  • answering any question you have
  • repairing or replacing worn parts
  • testing and troubleshooting
  • upgrading as needed

Having your system regularly maintained will increase its longevity and efficiency. This is a great way to protect your home investment. It also reduces your energy bills, both in summer and winter. HVAC servicing is in high demand when the weather starts to change. That’s why it’s important to schedule a service now, which will get your home a great spot in line.