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Emerging Technology Could Predict HVAC Maintenance

It is easy for people to forget about their HVAC systems until it is too late. The last thing anyone wants to do in the dead of summer is have their air conditioner give out on them. This is one of the reasons why HVAC maintenance is so important and knowing beforehand would be extremely helpful. SmartAC.com has the technology to help with a person know in advance before their HVAC unit breaks down.

What Is the New Machine Learning Platform from SmartAC.com?

SmartAC.com has made waves in the HVAC industry recently due to its new sensor and machine learning platform. The point of this platform is to monitor the health of the entire HVAC system. By keeping a close eye on the HVAC system from top to bottom, SmartAC.com can warn owners of potential breakdowns that might take place in their systems before they happen. In this manner, people can call an HVAC company to come out and take a look at the system before the repair takes place.

How Does the SmartAC.com Platform Work?

The heart of the SmartAC.com is a network of three separate sensors that all link to a central hub that is located in the Wi-Fi network of the home. The sensors are used to collect a variety of data related to how well the HVAC system as a whole is working. Then, this information is sent to the cloud. There, the servers of the SmartAC.com central system will analyze the information from the sensors. This information is going to be compared to the specifications of the manufacturer of the HVAC system to look for anomalies. If anything appears to be off with the way the system is running, the homeowner will be notified, and the problem can be addressed before the a breakdown arises.

The New SmartAC.com System Can Save Money

Many people forget that their HVAC systems need to be maintained. When this is overlooked, parts of the HVAC system could end up breaking down, leading to costly repairs. Furthermore, people might not get as many years of life out of their HVAC system as they should. The SmartAC.com system can prevent this by tracking the performance of the system and alerting the homeowner to any problems that will need to be fixed.