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AC Evaporator Coil Cleaning in San Antonio

Maintaining an air conditioning unit requires the use of appropriate tools and cleaning measures. An AC unit requires regular cleaning to prevent damage, improve air quality and ensure that the unit continues working as well as expected. Although the appropriate way to clean the indoor AC coils, evaporator coils and air handler depends on the type of unit, it is an essential part of maintaining the unit.

Basic Cleaning Measures

An AC unit usually has two possible methods of reaching the AC coils and air handler: by removing the front panel or by sliding the coils out. The easiest way to clean the evaporator coils and any interior parts of the AC is by removing the front panel; however, some AC units have refrigerant lines that run across and through the front panel. When the refrigerant lines prevent opening the panel, a unit must have the coils slide forward.

Always use caution and care when sliding the evaporator coil, drain pan and any other parts forward for cleaning. Otherwise, you will remove or damage the coils. Never pull or tug on the interior parts to prevent any damages and replacements.

Remove any screws holding the evaporator coils and air handler in place. Depending on the unit, the number of screws and the process of gently removing the coils will vary slightly. Always take the coils out of the unit to avoid any damages, but use care when the evaporator coils slide forward for removal.

Use appropriate cleaning agents for an AC unit. Always use a cleaner designed for the evaporator coils and air handler. Use a brush to remove excess dirt, rust or dust from the unit. Generally, it will take time to clean the entire system and ensure that the AC coils are as clean as possible. Clean other parts, such as the cover plate, before replacing the coils.

Time for Cleaning

Expect the cleaning process to take an extended time. The exact amount of time depends on the type of unit and the size of the AC, but generally it will take one to three hours for a comprehensive cleaning. Some units can take longer when the parts are difficult to reach or require delicate handling due to the location in the unit.

Why Clean the Coils and Air Handler?

Cleaning the AC coils, evaporator coils and air handler in an AC unit is essential for the basic maintenance of the system and the air quality. Poorly maintained AC coils can become rusty due to condensation in the unit. Furthermore, a dirty evaporator coil does not work effectively. The AC coils and evaporator coils pull the hot air from the space and return it as cold air. It is the part of the system that allows the air to move through the space. A clean system works more efficiently and prevents rusting that damages the entire system.

Keeping the air conditioning coils clean and ready for use helps prevent complications and high energy costs. A well-maintained system is a clean and healthy system, so regular cleaning is an important part of enjoying cool air. When a system seems difficult to maintain or clean, call today to talk to a professional about your options today.

Extending the Life of Your AC Unit with Proper Maintenance

Your HVAC system’s evaporator coil can stop working properly for several reasons. One key cause is age. Over time, the bond between the different parts of the coil wears down and becomes less efficient due to the coil’s constant contraction and expansion. Erosion can also become an issue as your evaporator coil ages. How long an evaporator coil lasts depends on how often the unit runs and how well the system is maintained. In the Texas heat, we might use our AC 9-10 months out of the year. Maintaining the system properly, including cleaning and inspecting the coils, add years to the life of your air conditioner.

Poor maintenance can dramatically reduce the life span of your evaporator coil and your entire AC unit. Dirty filters can bring dirt into the HVAC system, preventing the evaporator coil from “breathing” properly. In the worst-case scenario, a dirty evaporator coil can freeze and allow water to spill everywhere. A frozen coil can become overly stressed and pop free from the line or spring a refrigerant leak.

Similarly, issues with your system’s condenser coil can arise if the outside condenser coil faces a buildup of debris such as leaves, dirt, grass clippings and so on. In such cases, the condenser coil will build up pressure as the condenser fan draws air over it. In turn, this can lead to a loss in efficiency that can directly lead to evaporator coil failure.

When Should an Evaporator Coil be Replaced?

Unlike many AC components, it’s pretty simple to tell when an evaporator coil should be replaced. A leaking evaporator coil is almost always a candidate for replacement with a new coil. Moreover, repairing your AC unit’s evaporator coil is often more expensive than simply replacing it and often produces inferior results. The cost to replace the evaporator coil varies depending on the size of the unit, where it’s located, and the availability of compatible parts. You need an experienced HVAC expert to help you weigh the benefits and costs associated with replacing the evaporator coil versus replacing the entire AC unit. A Service First HVAC professional can help you navigate the pros and cons of newer units and work with your budget to make sure you can keep cool in the San Antonio heat!

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Also serving New Braunfels, Sequin, Schertz, Boerne, Cibolo, Alamo Heights, Canyon Lake, Converse, Live Oak, Leon Valley,
Universal City, Helotes, Floresville, Lackland AFB, Fair Oaks Ranch, Lake Hills, Selma, and Balcones Heights.