Thermostats: Installs & Replacement

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to improve your home’s heating and cooling system is by upgrading your thermostat. Your thermostat is the “brains” of your HVAC system. Through the years, there have been technological improvements in thermostats, making them increasingly smarter. Today’s thermostats are capable of operating your heating and cooling system more efficiently than ever.

Cooling and Heating of Air

Years ago, inside air was heated by furnaces and fireplaces. Air was cooled by opening windows and creating breezes through ventilation. Temperature was adjusted by manually opening or closing fireplace flues, adding wood to a fire, and by opening and closing windows to certain heights. As electric fans and blowers came into play, movement of air became more efficient. So did the ability to automatically control internal temperatures in homes with the invention of a device called the thermostat.

What Is a Thermostat?

Thermostats are switches that automate the control of your home’s temperature. The basic job of a thermostat is to maintain the internal temperature of your home to a level that you determine is most comfortable. Setting thermostats is as simple as setting a “goal” temperature. Lowering your goal temperature will make it cooler in your home, and of course increasing the temperature will make it warmer.

How Does a Thermostat Work?

Many traditional thermostats are constructed using two different types of metals called bimetallic strips. These strips react to the surrounding temperature, expanding and contracting. As they expand and contract, they serve as a bridge that controls power to the heating and cooling units. Manufacturers have created thermostats based on this expansion/contraction of bimetallic strips.

There is also a gas-filled bellows form of thermostat designed to react quicker to changes of temperatures in a home. This type of thermostat uses a pair of metal discs that have gas-filled bellows between them. A larger surface area absorbs temperature changes quicker and creates a more responsive thermostat.

The Advantages of Modern Thermostats

Today’s modern thermostats have the capability to do much more than turn your air conditioner or heat source on and off. They can direct heat into certain areas of a home and can control the times of day HVAC systems come on and off. The most modern of these can even be monitored and controlled by an app on a smart phone. Most importantly, a new thermostat installation gives homeowners greater control of their HVAC systems. This can save considerably on energy bills.

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