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HEPA Air Filters & Filtration Systems in San Antonio, Texas

HEPA air filters set the benchmark for pure air, and the proof of this claim is in the name. HEPA stands for high-efficiency particulate air, and a HEPA filter is only named as such if it is capable of removing at least 99.97% of all particles 0.3 microns and smaller.

HEPA air filters are in a legal all their own; their ability to clean air is far superior to ordinary air filters.

The HEPA Difference

All HEPA filters allow only the tiniest particles to pass through their filters, while pesky allergens such as mold spores, dander and the always annoying pollen remain trapped in the filter. When you see a HEPA certification on an air filter, you can rest at ease knowing that it will adeptly remove all common particle allergens while markedly improving your air quality.

These advances have made HEPA filters a must for industries ranging from the manufacturing of electrical components to use in the healthcare industry. The former provides a dust-free environment to protect valuable electronics, and the latter provides a sterile environment to provide proper patient care. If stringent industries such as these demand HEPA air filters, it is little surprise that HEPA filters are becoming popular in home air purifiers and vacuum cleaners as well. HEPA air filtration systems are also ideal for chronic allergy sufferers and people who have breathing difficulties.

However, there are plenty of other considerations to keep in mind when choosing a HEPA air filter, including:

  • Size of the Filter
  • Construction of the Filter
  • Material Used in Construction
  • And More

These differences can play a role in the efficacy of a filter and affect the price as well.

Types of HEPA Air Filters

There are six different types of HEPA filters, each used for a variety of industrial and home air filtration needs. Depending on the need, these different HEPA air filters can be implemented for entire air filtration systems, industrial vacuums or home air purifiers.

Typical applications for HEPA air filters include the following industries:

  • Hospitals
  • Universities and Laboratories
  • Food Processing
  • Photo Processing
  • Biotechnology Fields

No matter the industry or use needed, HEPA filters are available in a wide range of frame materials, sizes, efficiencies, temperature ratings and flow capacities, ensuring that there is a perfect HEPA air filter depending on your needs and budget.

Costs and Installation Procedures

Since the needs and requirements for a HEPA air filter or filtration system can vary widely, there is no typical cost. However, there are general cost estimates that can be associated with a particular need or type of HEPA system.

For example, a premium grade HEPA system installed by a licensed and certified contractor can be performed for under $2,000. For a more basic system, costs are even less, often coming in at well under $1,000.

Once you have found the perfect HEPA system for your needs, our team of experienced HVAC professionals will take over from there. We are experienced in all matters of HEPA filter installation and will have your HEPA installed and running with craftsmanship that is built to last.

To learn more about our HEPA products and installation services, contact us or to or set up an appointment call (210) 521-1500 now.